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Dressing for a summer wedding / post-pregnancy.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

So my cousin got married in Coral Gables over the summer of 2018 (a few months after I had Santiago), and he asked me to SPEAK at his wedding! My cousin and his now-wife are such a beautiful and inspiring couple, and it was a huge honor to be one of the three speakers at their wedding.

Well, I was totally nervous about speaking in front of all of their guests. I had prepared my speech on paper and knew most of my main talking points by heart, so I was set... for the most part. But I know that there is a lot that can contribute to a person's confidence, and for me... I know that "looking my best," would go a long way - especially since it was the first time I would see many of my family members and friends since I had my first son.

I splurged and got my hair and makeup done by my awesome MUA - Renata, and I opted for a black/floral Monique Lhuillier dress (which covered my little post-baby belly, which I'm working on!) that I rented from Rent The Runway, with Stuart Weitzman heels, and gold-plated hoop earrings from my fave boutique in Miami, Studio LX.

I felt totally glamorous, and I think I did pretty well with my speech. It was definitely a night to remember!

And Santiago did GREAT on his first proper outing. I got his outfit on Amazon.

Here are my tips for getting the right look and having the best experience on your special night out, post baby:

  1. Comfort is the most important thing. If you're not comfortable, you'll fidget all night which is likely to make you look insecure, whether or not you actually are. Who likes to fidget anyway? Well... maybe your baby does. ;)

  2. Are you still nursing? If you are, make sure to wear something that will allow for easy access. Also, if you prefer to nurse in private, it might be a good idea to call the venue to see if they have a nursing room for your comfort. If you prefer to nurse anytime, any place - go for it! There is NO SHAME in nursing in public. Just keep this in mind when you are selecting your wardrobe.

  3. Highlight your assets, hide your flaws. For me, that meant I had to have a dress I could wear a bra with (which would preferably hide my breasts completely). I was open to highlighting my arms (all those years of gymnastics made me proud!). This ML dress also cinched at the waist and was flowy around the belly and all the way down. This created an illusion of having a smaller waist and wider hips... which I welcomed, considering the fact that my figure is more athletic/straight/boxy.

  4. It is widely considered that darker colors are more slimming. I will agree with this forever. When in doubt, wear black! Trying to be stylish? Wear black! I love, love, LOVE wearing black. But what about if it's a summer wedding? If you must, or simply feel like it... add a little color here and there, and you're good to go. That's why I absolutely loved this dress - it was black with small pops of color. Also good - one solid color head to toe.

  5. Pamper yourself by spending the extra time on your hair and makeup. Watch that tutorial, ask that friend for a tried and trusted tip, or splurge and treat yourself to a pro job. It will be worth it. Use a primer! (But OMG how do I do this with my baby in tow?! It's your SO's turn to handle the babe. Or a relative. Or a friend. Mom friends usually understand this need... if you have a mom friend, don't be afraid... ask her to come over for an hour or two to help you while you get ready. My mom friends have saved my A*S on several occasions already. Thank goodness for mom friends).

  6. Do your hair and makeup, but don't OVERDO it!

  7. It's not about impressing other people. It's about empowering yourself to feel and look your best - on your terms.

  8. Have fun, let loose a little, and enjoy the night out playing dress up. Because HAPPY women are the prettiest, and you deserve to have an awesome night! (Look... I HATE when people say sh*t like, "you should smile more often, you're so pretty. If only you'd smile." Barf. But really... I have found that "faking it till I make it" actually makes me feel better. When I've "faked" happy, I found myself actually feeling happy. IDK. Maybe that's just me.)

Go forth and be a Badass. You got this!

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