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Rewriting the story.


Taking it back to 5 weeks before my son was born - this is me, at 32 weeks pregnant, wearing the vintage (Christian Dior! 😍) dressing gown that my own mother wore when she was pregnant with me.

This gown brought back a lot of feelings - a lot of feelings that I won’t fully get into because they won’t paint a Whole picture, and because some pictures are meant to be kept. But I will share this... I know that she wore this gown with excitement. I know that she wore this gown with joy. And pride. And Divine LOVE. And I believe that she wore this gown when she was her most beautiful and pure self. And I know that I was Loved. So... Early on during my pregnancy, when I was just starting my own journey of transformation... trying to determine what Motherhood meant to ME, I came across This Gown in a pile of clothes in a drawer that I hadn’t sorted through in a long time. And all the (real + difficult) feelings came rushing in. Feelings about all the things I got to have and all the things that I didn’t get to have... all the things I had to fix, learn from, and overcome. All of the decisions I had to make. All of the beauty there was to see within the chaos of the past. All of the things that I didn’t want for my future... and all of the things that I DID want for my future. For my family - for my son. And so... it was my turn to wear The Gown. With excitement. With joy. With pride. With Divine LOVE. In all of my own beauty and purity. To Love. So that I could decide to write a different story. My own story... OUR own story. So here’s to making choices - the choice to write our own stories instead of choosing to live in the ones that were written for us.

Here’s to Motherhood on our own terms. 🌙♥️✨ To all the mamas. Especially the ones who’ve had to question the meaning of “Mother.” But really, to ALL mothers. With love.

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