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THE BASICS: Lip Tie/Tongue Tie

Hi there! Here's what I have learned about lip ties and tongue ties!

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, or a dentist, or a mouth specialist. Do not use this information to make your decisions about your child. Consult with a professional before coming to a conclusion about your baby. I am here solely to share MY EXPERIENCES and what I HAVE LEARNED from going through this process.

Santiago showed the following SIGNS of having a lip tie.

Here are THE SIGNS he showed:

  1. Difficulty latching to my breast

  2. Sliding of my nipple during feeds

  3. Falling asleep on my breast due to exhaustion

  4. Making a "clicking" sound on the bottle (sort of like a sucking sound)

  5. Extreme gassiness (this can be confused for colic/reflux and many moms will give up and resort to this conclusion as an "it is what it is" issue. I urge you to check your baby's mouth first! If it's a tie, then there's a possible solution to this alleged "colic"or "reflux"!)

  6. Lack of control on milk intake. Santiago would swallow too much milk at a time and choke/cough it up.

What to do:

1. Make an appointment with your pediatrician. Explain that you suspect a lip/tongue tie, and ask him/her to conduct a THOROUGH examination of your baby's mouth. Under the tongue and in the top/bottom parts of his/her lips.

2. Get a second opinion. See a mouth specialist or a pediatric dentist.

3. Research the possible long term complications of leaving a lip/tongue tie untreated.

4. If a lip/tongue tie is detected by a professional, weigh the pros and cons of treating the tie, and decide if a lip/tongue tie surgery is right for your baby.

I am so glad that we chose to have the Lip Tie procedure performed on Santiago by a pediatric dentist that we trust. Shago is happy and thriving!

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