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The Fourth Trimester.

I’m going to get two statements out of the way before I share some [long] thoughts for the day: 1) I’m happy and super ✨Grateful✨ to be a Mama. 2) Yes, this is a #ShamelessSelfie. (IDGA🦆) 😂😁 Read on if you’re interested in what I have to say about the Initial Transition into Motherhood. • • • One More Disclaimer: My goal is not to complain (so don’t go there), but to be REAL about the Initial Transition into Motherhood. From conversations I’ve had with many other women, there seems to be a general sentiment that we’re not supposed to talk about how difficult this transition can be, without fearing that we are being judged for lack of gratitude or without someone jumping to the conclusion that we have Postpartum Depression. (NOTE: Postpartum Depression is a real thing and THAT should ALSO be spoken about... but more on that another time)


Okay so... WOAH! This sh*t is hard work! Hard as 🦆! Today, Shago is 4 weeks old (which is different than 1 month old. He will be one month old on April 25th) and I must say that all y’all Mamas were RIGHT when you told me to, “get your rest while you can,” during my pregnancy. • The first month (and beyond, I’m sure) of Motherhood borderlines on insanity. As my mama-girlfriends and I like to say... we are “Prisoners of War.” Because, like a Prisoner of War, we are often isolated (in our nurseries), are denied sunlight (in our nurseries), and are severely deprived of sleep. • We’ve (okay fine... I’VE) gone from feeling like fertile, glowing, pregnant goddesses who slept... to feeling like milk-producing zombie-robots who more closely resemble that thing from The Creature from the Black Lagoon, begging someone, anyone, to shovel food into our mouths because, Hello! We are starving. And... what is clean hair? On most days, I could give Danny Zuko a run for his money in the hair department. (Btw is this is not you, please do not share that with me at this time- thanks! 😘)

Just when you lay down to take a nap- the second you actually fall asleep- it’s time to wake up and feed your baby again. • Let’s not even get into the difficulties that come along IF you have a colicky baby, a baby with uncomfortable diaper rash, Mastitis in your boobs, if anyone in your home getting sick (um hi- I got freaking FOOD POISONING 3 days ago. What the 🦆), attending to your household and work needs, doctor appointments, trying to be a Wife/Partner/Friend, and thinking (stupidly) that it’s okay to entertain guests who are not there to actually help you. ***Here’s a not-so-subliminal warning: Do not come over here if you’re not bringing me food or offering to help me with my human... there’s no time to socialize! Lol! (I know some of you Mamas know what I’m talking about 😂) #sorrynotsorry ***Also- I’m grateful that Shago is not Colicky and that I haven’t had Mastitis. Thank goodness.

• Anyway... Yeah... It’s no joke.

But here’s the thing. Here’s the whole *cliche* THING about it. AS WOMEN- We were made for this. I’m not just talking about creating and nurturing and being Mothers. I’m talking about... we were made to be WARRIORS. And sometimes that means we have to play the role of Prisoner of War. • As Women... we rise, fall, endure, rise again, and fight. For our Love. For our Husbands. For our Children. For our Families. For our Friends. For our Passions. For our Professions. For our Equality. For our Damn Selves. ... And Beyond. • I’ve never met a Woman who couldn’t fight (how many men are nodding their heads right now? Lol). Even the Women who seem like they can’t... I know better- they’re fighting, too. • So during this temporary time of my Initial Transition into Motherhood, I will say this: I wholeheartedly accept and am grateful for being a Prisoner of War. All things are temporary. And from what I hear- Ironically, I am likely to look back on these times and miss them. • Anyway. Those are my long thoughts for the day. If you stuck around this long to read this whole bit... I hope that with whatever you’re up to today... that you feel like a Badass Woman. Or Man. I know... You Men are Warriors, too. ☺️ • • • PS. Here’s a pic of me not looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. That was a big accomplishment for me. Haha. 😂 • 🦋NS🦋

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